Product Photography Rates / Pricing

Our pricing for a typical product shot on white background starts at $15/photo flat rate. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied hence No deposits, no money down of project completion. No deposits and no obligations period!! And to accommodate the needs of our clients and to deliver the best product photography service, we have developed the following flat rates or pricing structure.

Sample Pricing


  • Starts at $15/photo
  • Items may include – Parts, Tools, Gears etc.


  • Starts at $15/photo
  • Items may include – Gift items, Wallets, Card holders etc.


  • Strats at $20/photo
  • Items may include – T-Shirts, Shorts etc.


  • Starts at $30/photo
  • Items may include – Rings, Chains, Bangles, Watches etc.


  • Starts at $15/photo
  • Items may include – PCB, Cables. Connectors, Tools etc.


  • Starts at $15/photo
  • Items may include – Perfumes, Lipstick, Candles etc.

Health Care

  • Starts at $15/photo
  • Items may include – Tubes, Solvents, Fluids, bottles etc

Packed Food

  • Starts at $20/photo
  • Items may include – Ketchup, Jam, Packets, Bread etc.

Restaurant / Still life

  • Starts at $35/photo
  • Items include – Entrée, desserts, fruits, vegetables etc.

Pricing Structure

To give you an idea what we normally charge for products in a particular industry, take a look at the below table. Again this is to be used as a guideline so you can estimate your project prior to a quote approval.
Shampoo, Soap, Dispensers, Medicines etc

Flat Rate

Single Product Shot for Web

    • Single Product that is less than 1 square feet in size. Photo size ~= 1000×800 px
    • Rate: $15/photo
    • Included are both 72 and 300 dpi images.

Group Shot for Web

    • Two or more products arranged as a group. Also if the product has multiple pieces then that will be a considered a group.
    • Photo size for 72 dpi – Approximately 1000×800 px.
    • Photo size for 300 dpi – Approximately 4200×3000 px (12 MP)
    • Rate: $20/photo
    • Included are both 72 and 300 dpi images.

Optional Charges

Double Resolution Photo

    • Photo size for 300 dpi – Approximately 7400×5000 px (36 MP)
    • Rate: $10/photo extra
    • Included are both 72 and 300 dpi images.

Photo with Transparent background

    • Note that this may vary depending on the product type (for example – hairy doll)
    • $5/photo extra.

On-location shoot

    • $100/day extra


These photo rates are just a guideline and not to be considered as actual pricing since the rates vary according to the nature of the project and the complexity of the shoot/lighting/processing etc. So for the actual estimation please contact us for a quote.

For any given project the Minimum order amount is $75 or higher. All rates includes labor cost for product arrangement, photography, photo cleanup and photo touching (minor). All are included as part of the pricing – final & delivered.

Here is how to calculate the print size from photo resolution?

Here is link for general guidance:

Heavy Photo Retouching

When extensive changes to the photo are required like retouching, brushing, cloning, color correction, clipping paths and heavy changes to the image, an additional labor cost of $40 per hour (about 4 photos on an average per hour) will be calculated and added to the final cost. Typically projects that fall under this category involve Jewelry photography, commercial photography etc.

On-location photo shoot

If the shoot requires shooting at your facility, there is an additional setup fee of $100 added since the equipment has to be transported (less than 30 miles from Aurora IL) to the spot and arranged for the shoot and repacking and transport back after the shoot.

Get your Product Website

We will also create a quick website to show case your products. Pricing for a 5 page HTML website (no database) starting at $300. We can also do website with shopping cart. Pricing varies per design and template. Contact us for a quote.

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