Our studio is located in the Austin area (Round Rock, Ceder Park, Leander, Pflugerville vicinity), in Texas. We shoot products only on professional strobe lights and necessary photo shades and light boxes. Proud to use lights made in U.S.A. Photo setup is subject to the type of shoot – still life, advertisements, web store etc.

Whether you have a large project needing hundreds of photos or an ongoing stream of small projects, our team of experts are equipped and ready to help you elevate your product photography.

We only use Nikon camera equipment and tripods / stands made in Italy.

Here is a typical photo setup in our studio – this is while working on a project for an IL based company who makes industrial floor tiles, with various material include – cast iron, polymer, steel etc.

Like this every setup is different – it is very specific to the project type and style.

Here is the final image from the above setup. This is one of the many products shot for this particular project

Here is a sample requirement from the client – a perspective shot of each tile by adding anchors and screws on all holes (tools provided by the client). Tile needs to be in a tilted position approximately 40 degrees with two sides of anchors visible and screws on top.

Welcome to bring your creative ideas – challenge accepted!


With over 10 years of experience – we can handle any type of project. Give us a try for your next project. Will do our best to win your confidence and thanks for the opportunity.

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